February 25, 2015

15 Beauty Products Every 80’s Girl Had In Her Caboodle! I Totally Had #10!


I took a trip down memory lane today and was remembering all of the sweet and styling beauty products that we used to have in the 80s. I was in middle school at the time and I can remember that my Caboodle carrier held like totally possibly everything that ever meant something to me.

Below you will find the top 15 items that I personally had in my Caboodle and I know every other 80’s girl did too!

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1. Kissing Koolers – Do you remember how amazing these smelled? So good I wanted to eat them! The Peppermint & Chocolate Mint were my faves..although the Strawberries & Cream was a close second!


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2. Electric Youth Perfume- You know a perfume is good when it’s named after an album..or is it the other way around? Either way, Debbie Gibson had a huge hit on her hands with this perfume. I remember going through bottles of this’s really the scent of my middle school years!

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3. Clairol Benders Hair curlers – These gave you like the best waves ever! NOT! Every time I used these things I got a head full of crazy waves and curls going ever which way!


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4. Tee Shirt Clips – Just when you thought Tee shirts couldn’t get any better looking, tee shirt clips were born! In the 80’s all the cool girls used these tee shirt clips to tighten their shirts to one side, perhaps to match their side ponytail?

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5. Rave Hairspray – Every 80s girl knew the importance of skyscraper high bangs which is why she ALWAYS had a can of Rave hairspray around!


6. Hair Pick – Speaking of BANGS…any 80’s girl knows that you need a hair pick to get just the right height on your bangs!


7. Scrunchies (lots of em!) – Almost as important as the high bangs was the killer side ponytail which could only be accomplished with the help of a color coordinating scrunchie…or several!


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8. Plastic Charm Necklace – Let’s not forget the accessories, right? Every 80’s girl BEGGED to go grocery shopping with their mom just so they could get more plastic charms for their charm necklaces which were found in the grocery store lobby gum machines!


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9. Maybelline Kissing Potion Lip Gloss – Please tell me that I was not the only one who used to pop out the rollerball and put in my mouth! These things were so delicious..i can’t even….


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10. Teen Spirit Deodorant – Technically this deodorant only came out in 1991, but every single 80s girl I know had Teen Spirit deodorant in their caboodles. Paging Kurt Cobain…the 80s girls loved you :)


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11. Conair Impressions Hair Stampers – Yes. Yes. Yes. The only thing better than a hair crimper was this Conair Hair Stamper which actually imprinted shapes into your hair….as long as your hair was straight and didn’t move….at all! See how happy this girl is…I need this hair stamper in my life STAT!

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12. Malibu Musk Perfume – Confession…Malibu Musk was my GO-TO perfume for middle school school dances. In the 6th grade, I dated a kid named Ben and I remember he told me I smelled good I wore it NON-stop for 3 years!


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13. Salon Selectives Shampoo – Um..hi, my name is Chrystie and Salon Selectives shampoo and conditioner were my jam in the 80’s. Do you remember how they smelled like apples?



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14. Swatch Watch & Matching Guards – Do you remember those super cool Swatch Watches with the interchangeable guards? I couldn’t afford the original Swatches when I was a kid, so I had to settle for some knockoffs from Ames, but they were da bomb. Mix & Match to coordinate with all of your favorite neon or pastel outfits!


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15. Avon Scented Pen Bracelet – When I found this bracelet on Pinterest, I just about spit out my coffee! I had this bracelet..I mean all the cool girls did! It was a scented bracelet that *surprise* was also a pen! Talk about double duty!

There you have it, all of the 80s goodness wrapped into one post. It kinda makes you wish you had taken your teacher up on that time capsule idea and buried your Caboodle somewhere under your mom’s porch, right?


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  1. jenny

    What about slap bracelets??? ;-)

    • NC.angel

      I remember those as more of a 90’s thing.

      • April

        I agree! 90’s for sure.

      • Slap bracelets came out in the late 80’s my kids had tons of them.

      • Sonya

        I think it was for the girls born in the 80’s and they enjoyed these items as pre-teens/teens in the 90s :)

    • DMichele

      I am pretty sure those were in the 90s.

    • Meg

      Slap bracelets did come out in the late 80s. However, I remember having loads of jelly bracelets (and rings!) as a kid. Neon ones, sparkly ones, glow in the dark ones…pretty much any jelly bracelet that was out there, I owned, to match my jelly shoes.

  2. Beth

    What a great trip down memory lane. Makes me wish I could find some Electric Youth and Malibu Musk and see if it still smells as awesome as I remember it. :)

    • Sarah


    • Nothing says 80S like neon

      Believe it or not, I saw it at Kmart recently!

    • Carrie, already searched, they have both

    • Lori

      Malibu Musk is actually still sold in most “Dollar General” and “Family Dollar ” stores. I saw a can about 3 weeks ago. Haha

  3. I forgot about a lot of these. Now wondering what happened to my Swatch. Coolest watch ever. :)

  4. I had ALL of these! Oh the fab, fab memories!

  5. Heather

    lol I remember trying to write with those pens. Awful!

  6. Mindy

    Oh My Gawd!!! I LOVED trip down memory lane. But–we all seemed to miss something. Something that today would cause an almighty uproar. Looking over each thing, I enlarged each pic. Had every single one of these items. Including the charm necklace—yanno—the one that has a pack of Kent cigarettes as a charm, on the upper right side of the necklace, not far from the clasp. Thank you so much for the memories. And especially seeing that pack of smokes on a charm necklace made for young, impressionable adolescent girls! Ahhh those loosey goosey 80’s. I love to hear your thoughts on this Box Mom? And thanks again for the smiles. :-D

    • Jenna

      Oh jeez, are you thinking a small child is going to realize what that is a charm of? SERIOUSLY?

      • Kiabia

        I don’t think *she* necessarily thinks that, but in our PC world there are definitely a looot of people that get upset about that kind of thing. When I was young there were Popeye candy cigarettes, the tip was red to mimic a lit cigarette, now they’re just called candy sticks. Certainly not the only example of how the ridiculous over-reactors have changed things.

      • Joy

        We had Candy Cigarettes as a kid in the late 70’s and early 80’s too and we knew what they were.

  7. Suzanne straughan

    I had all of the above and then some! Funny how the pic of the charm bracelet has a pack of cigarettes! ;-)

    • Holly

      lol and a lighter

  8. Alecia

    Hey they still make Teen Spirit! I still use it!

  9. oh my goodness I remember some of these!! I was born in 1980 and started primary school 1985 so I only remember a few x

  10. alison

    Loved Malibu musk !!!!!!!!!! Wonder if you can get it anywhere now

    • Carrie

      Did a search, you can get it on Amazon

  11. Farih

    You had me at Salon Selectives! I can still remember that delicious smell of sweet apples!

  12. Claire Patruno

    I actually still have my Caboodle. I bought it to hold all supplies when I got married in 1991! And it’s in pristine condition! Still use it for extra make-up.

  13. Lauren

    Don’t forget about Gee your hair smells terrific shampoo..that stuff was awesome!

  14. Angie

    what about Loves Baby Soft perfume or Sweet Honesty perfume?

    • Kally

      Oh my THOSE were my favorite perfumes! Now I need to Amazon those!

  15. Marita Lay

    I bought my daughter a caboodle for her 8th birthday, all the little girls love it! Walmart sells them.

  16. Carrie

    I still have my Swatch, and it still works! Our Girl Scout Troop (all high schoolers) just hosted a “Groovin Thru the Decades” Dance and one of the mom’s wore her charm necklace and bracelets. I saw the tee shirt clips at Party City in their 80’s section! Love the whole thing. Think I had everything BUT the Benders. My daughter uses Rave hairspray now, only because I won’t let her use AquaNet.

  17. Jen

    I still sell Salon Selectives at my store!! I remember my favorite shampoo Timotei smelled amazing!!

  18. rin

    I recall Liz Claiborne perfume as the go to scent of the 80’s and Exclamation! As well.

    • Audra

      like for sure! I remember having Sunflowers and red door

  19. Celina

    Most of these seem more 90’s than 80’s, except for the Kissing Potion and the Swatch watch. We all know that we used Aqua-net, not Rave in the 80’s and Teen Spirit did not come out until the 90’s. Most girls that I knew, would have had a vent brush, a round brush, curling iron, Aqua-net, Kissing Potion lip gloss, green lipstick that was actually pink when you put it on, black eyeliner pencil, a brightly colored Bic Mini lighter to burn said eyeliner (even though my mother never believed that is what I used it for), black mascara or sometimes teal and pink and purple eye shadow and cleverly folded notes from friends.. Oh and I almost forgot the staple of all 80’s teen girls, “Sun In”.

    • Audra

      how can I forget sun in? or rather the brassy hair afterwards lol and everything else you mentioned was spot on with what I remember from the eighties. Heating up your eyeliner with a lighter and everything else. surprised no one mentioned that hideous fashion trend with the neon colors. That was definitely 80’s.I’ll admit I succumbed to itvery briefly in middle school until someone asked me if I needed to switch to turn me off. fashion trend officially over at that point lol

  20. excellent list! you pointed out certain products that I haven’t thought about since 1987. (like malibu musk!)

  21. Sabrina

    Yes to all of these!! But don’t forget about Exclamation! Perfume.

  22. Yelena

    I had the knock-off watches from Ames too! Have of the time, I kept wondering if I had written this and forgotten that I had, that’s how close it was to my life. :) I was able to get my Benders to work though, but probably because my hair was curly already, so it calmed things down a bit.

  23. I loved all of these things! All of them! Late 80’s, early 90’s! My mom sold Avon so, there were so many products I loved!

  24. Hollie

    Blue mascara? Good list!

  25. Donna

    how about shoulder pads ?

  26. Judy Land

    Hairspray & eyeliner makeup

  27. Jenn

    Totally had most of those!!! What about those long rectangular Maxi Colors to Go eyeshadows… and for us curly girls, a “hair pick”. And banana combs (which I can’t believe are still around)? Plus Noxema and Sea Breeze… :P

  28. Jennifer

    I remember all of those. I still have and make use of my caboodle. I found another one at a thrift store that was still in good condition as well and it became a Christmas gift for my 11 year old daughter. She puts all kinds of things in it.

  29. I love strolling down Memory Lane :)

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