August 14, 2016

A bit of cleaning

I haven’t posted in a while, got so busy with my schedule. I’m planning to change that in the near future. I managed to finish a big project, and now that I’ve released myself of this heavy burden which was crushing me for months, I’m finally free to get going with the things I like in my life.


You know what a person does as soon as it finishes something? For starters, it cleans up the place he or she lives in. My home looked terrible. With all the stress going on, I haven’t found the time to vacuum in weeks. And just when I was preparing to start with the terrible chore, I’ve noticed my old Hoover died. The last weekend caught me in desperate need of a new vacuum cleaner, as well as various other cleaning supplies. And with my allergies, my high-pile carpet, my sensible hardwood floors and my tight budget, I needed lot of stars to be aligned.

There are 2 kinds of people: those who go directly to Walmart and buy a product, and those who search the internet for hours for the perfect unit. If you ever tried to prepare yourself before actually buying a vacuum cleaner, to study the market and understand the difference between each model, you know the drill. You start with the despair of facing insurmountable amounts of information from lots of resources, starting with CNET and Consumer Reports and ending with cheapy affiliate blogs. There are lots of things to cover. I wanted a light model, with plenty of suction, and cordless, if possible. After a few hours, I was seriously considering giving up. But sometimes the universe works for you. I’ve found Jason from, one of the few places where one can get real information about the best vacuum cleaners available in 2016. This guy answered to my comment in less than a day, helping me choose what I needed!

I’ve ended up buying a Miele C3 canister for which I’ve payed less than $500. One of the best deals I’ve made this year. I got it yesterday from Amazon (as a Prime member, I always enjoy a quick delivery from these guys). When the package came, I was in a hurry, and I thought to do just a brief inspection of the vacuum, and perhaps test it for 1-2 minutes. I’ve ended up playing with the C3 for more than 2h, almost missing my appointment. The product is superb. It’s silent if you need it to be, it’s powerful if you need suction, it works on all kinds of floors and it filters the air with an efficient HEPA filter. I never knew I will use a canister, but now I think this is more convenient for me, as I needed to save as much storage space as possible for the for the future boxes I’ll be reviewing.

Miele box

Now, I’m ready to work on the next batch of boxes, so stay tuned!

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