January 14, 2015

Birchbox January 2015 Box Review & Unboxing Photos!


You guys! I went to my mailbox to get the mail this morning and was soo happy to find this month’s Birchbox…but when I opened it up…everything was completely FROZEN :) LOL! Guess that’s what happens when I leave my mail in the mailbox overnight!

But the good that all of the items are now thawed out and I can try them out for you!


Birchbox was one of the first subscription boxes to come out on the market, and so a lot of people love Birchbox!  Each month they deliver a selection of quality beauty and hair products. A monthly subscription costs $10 per month! Subscribe here

This month I got:

  • Klorane Laboratories Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
  • Tocca Grapefruit & Cucumber Hand Lotion
  • Harvey Princes Hello Exfoliating Shower Gel
  • Supergoop CC Cream
  • Sum!ta Beauty Raina Contrast Eye Pencil


My favorite item in the January Birchbox has got to be the Sum!ta Beauty Eye Pencil. I’ve been getting a lot of eye pencils in my boxes lately, so I thought this was going to be just another boring eye liner..but OMG, the color is GORGE! It’s a really deep blue, somewhere between a royal blue and navy blue. Gorgeous!


Next up was the Tocca hand cream. The smell is amazing, it reminds me of something in my childhood but I can’t quite put my fingers on it…maybe those fake cucumber thingys that I used to put on my eyes in college. I dunno. I love Tocca products anyway, so naturally this was a win!


The CC Cream by SuperGoop was surprisingly awesome. I first tested it out on my hands because I thought it might be a little too dark for my complexion, but it turns out the Light to Medium shade suited my skintone nicely.  I still don’t know what the difference between a BB cream & a CC cream is..but oh well ;)


The Harvey Prince Hello exfoliating gel smelled like a boyfriend I used to have..i’m not sure which one…but it was a strangely familiar scent and I got turned on (a little bit) so clearly there’s some history I need to sort out ;)


Lastly was the Klorane Laboratories Dry Shampoo. I was very happy to see the dry shampoo in my box, because dry shampoo is my dirty little secret…literally. I wash my hair 2x a week and then use dry shampoo in between..otherwise my hair is a dried out frizzy mess! so SCORE!

Overall, this month’s box was a WIN for me! I think it might be the first time that I was happy about every single product in the box! to smell that body wash some more ;)

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