Box Mom Review Process - The Box Mom

Getting the chance to review subscription boxes for a living is pretty awesome! So I wanted to let you know what goes into reviewing a box, what types of boxes I review and what kind of feedback I will provide to you.

First off, you are probably wondering if I get paid to give review boxes. The answer is NO. I do not accept money from companies in exchange for a positive review. The reviews on this site are 100% honest and non-sponsored. I feel this gives my reviews a little more legitimacy..and that’s what I want. This site is for’s not for me. I want you to make smarter buying decisions based on the reviews I provide for you!

Secondly, I’m a pretty happy person..and as you might have guessed..I freaking love subscription boxes because they are like a little monthly mystery box just waiting for me to unwrap them. So most of my unboxing videos are pretty fun, happy and positive. Does that mean I like everything that comes out of the box? Probably not…but I won’t know that until I’ve used the product and given it a fair chance. By that time, you’ve already moved onto the next box and it’s too late to warn you anyway. So, because I like to accentuate the positive, you CAN check out my Favorites of the Month video to see all of the products that I received and LOVED!

The name of the site is BoxMom, so it is my intent to keep this site pretty PG and review boxes that are family friendly and geared towards moms, kids and families. Beauty boxes, snack boxes, craft boxes, clothing boxes, pet boxes..all of those will be covered here. What won’t be covered? Anything that would be considered rated R ;) If you are a representative for one of those boxes, sorry, I will not review your box.

Most of the subscriptions on the site are paid for by me either in cash or credit I receive from referring friends. On occasion companies will send me boxes for FREE in exchange for a review. I will always let you know if that is the case…..and I’ll also try to get you a coupon code if I can!

Now that you know my subscription box review process, how about you read a few? :)