November 5, 2014

Get a 3 Month Subscription to Green Kid Crafts for only $37.99! (Save 49%)


Now through 11/6, you can score a 3 month subscription to Green Kid Crafts subscription boxes for only $37.99. Now through 11/6, you can use coupon code: OFF5 to get an additional 5% off, making it only $36.09, or $12.02 per box!)


For those of you not familiar with Green Kid Crafts boxes,  they come packed with three or four different creativity and science kits each month. The kits include all the materials kids need to engage in hands-on learning and fun, so kids won’t have to run around the house looking for spare glue or eat a box of popsicles for the sticks. Each month, the box has a fun new theme that unifies the activities—for instance, activities in the Feathered Friends Discovery Box include endangered bird puppets and birdseed ornaments.

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