December 15, 2014

I Just Got the Biggest Julep Box Ever – Wait until you see what was inside!


I was so excited to see my mailman on Friday, when he delivered the BIGGEST Julep box I had ever seen to my house! As soon as I saw the box, I wracked my brain to try to remember what in the world did I order this month? And holy crap, how much did I spend? BUT, when I opened the box I was utterly disappointed…2 little boxes were inside that one huge box! They sent me a huge box for 3 nail polishes and 5 eyeliners. Say what? :)

Julep is a monthly subscription box of nail polish and beauty goodies delivered to your door each month. The subscription costs $19.95 per month and you have the option to skip a month if you choose to. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year now and continue to love their products! Subscribe here

julep-maven-big-box I wasn’t super disappointed, because I did get the two items I purchased..I was just disappointed because I thought there were going to be a whole lot of holiday goodies in there :)


Julep Nail Polishes:

  • Aurora (Metallic)
  • Rochelle (Magenta)
  • Sharna (Gold Glitter = My Fave!)


I also purchased the Stargazer Gel Eye Gliders. I never wear colored eyeliners but I have a friend, Kristi who wears a blue-ish turquoise eyeliner everyday and it looks awesome on her, so I wanted to experiment with some new eyeliners! I’m especially excited to try out the gold eyeliner..hello New Years! :)


Packaging overkill? Ya think? ;)

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