December 29, 2014

LootCrate December 2014 Unboxing Video & Review


Happy Monday! We are switching things up a bit on today and my son, Baz is doing today’s LootCrate unboxing video (check it out at the bottom of the page). This month’s LootCrate was a hit! Not only did it have some cool toys, but it also came with a Simpson’s wallet..which was VERY cool and a pair of socks..because can never have too many socks ;)


LootCrate is a monthly subscription box service that caters to the geeky/nerdy/video gamer crowd! Each month the box is filled with action figures, comic books, tee-shirts and other pop-culture stuff. It’s priced at $24 per month, or as low as $19 a month if you purchase a 6 month subscription.

Here’s what was inside the December 2015 LootCrate:

  • PopHeros Joker Batman Action Figure
  • Guardians of the Galaxy “I am Groot” Socks
  • Simpsons Wallet
  • Tetris Stickers
  • Avengers Air Freshener
  • Ghostbusters Door Hanger
  • Batman Comic Book
  • Lootcrate Comic & Pin


I would’ve normally taken the PopHeros Joker Batman figure out of the box to take a better picture for all of you, but my son, Baz would NOT let me take it out of the box. He said it was going to be worth something someday, and he wanted to keep the toy inside the box. LOL! I have apparently rubbed off on him in the best possible way…atta boy! ;)


The Simpson’s wallet was probably my favorite item in the box because it was soo cool. It’s made out of a waxy durable paper, but folded in a way that makes for a perfectly usable wallet.


We got a kick out of the Guardians of the Galaxy socks because Baz kept reading the socks, “I am the root”, when in actuality it says, “I am Groot”. I think we may have done 10 takes just to get that video clip right. LOL!


The Tetris stickers are really cool and I can see my son decorating his laptop or Xbox with these stickers in a Minecraft sort of pattern. I never realized how similar the concept of Tetris and Minecraft was until I saw these first I thought they were indeed Minecraft, but nope..Tetris stickers.


The Avengers Air Freshener was an unexpected surprise..and yes, like my son said…everyone needs an air freshener..and also as he mentioned..this freshener is going right in the kids bathroom ;)

As I mentioned before, this box was a hit with my son! He looks forward to getting this box each and every month!

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