February 26, 2015

LootCrate February 2015 Review & Photos of What’s Inside the Box


I can’t’ tell you how excited my son gets when he gets home from school and sees this black little box on the dining room table! Sooo excited! It’s like Christmas for him! This month’s LootCrate box was a hit!

LootCrate is a monthly subscription service that delivers geeky, nerdy, video game and comic book type items to your home every month. LootCrate costs $19.95 a month if you purchase a single month or as low as $17.95 per month if you purchase a year’s subscription.


The first thing we played with right out of the box was the Superfight Card Game…think Cards Against Humanity for Super Heros :) Essentially you combine a Super Hero and an Action to see who would win a fight! This was pretty fun!


This is the item that my son was MOST excited about. He has other Hexbugs, so he is familiar with them and you know how it is with can never have enough toys!


Up next was this cute Munny World Create-A-Figure designed for Lootcrate! Baz had others like this in the past and loves to create his own characters, so I can see him having some fun with this one!


This was the one item that Baz wasn’t too excited about…mainly because he’s 10…and he hates reading LOL.


Full disclosure, I have no idea what to do with these dice. I think I lost the instructions somewhere in the packaging. I’m sure Baz can use his imagination to come up with a game!


Last out of the box was the monthly LootCrate Comic & Pin!

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