February 26, 2015

With Love From Angela Subscription Box Review


I am so lucky to be able to try out all of these subscription boxes and it still tickles my fancy anytime a subscription box provider asks me to review their box, which was the case with “With Love From Angela“.

“With Love from Angela, is a monthly subscription service that delivers a box of natural, full size beauty care & skin products (<–my favorite!) to your door. Each product is tried & tested by the company before it gets sent out to you. You can sign up for $24.99 a month on their website.

In this month’s box I received:

  • Herbaria French Lavender Soap
  • Mungo Murphy Single Sea Bag
  • Natural Loofah Sponge
  • Herbaria Bath Bomb
  • With Love from Angela beeswax lotion bars


First of all, I need to let you know how amazing this box smells…as soon as you open it the various aromas waft right out of the box! It’s like walking into your favorite soap store! Turns out it was the Herbaria French Lavender soap that was my favorite scent!


Next out of the box was the Herbaria Caracalla Moisturizing Bath Bomb with Essential Oils….again..this thing smells like da bomb! Only problem now is that I have to clean my tub so I can enjoy a nice bath with this thing ;)


Now here’s something I’ve never seen before! Mungo Murphy’s Sea Bag is a bag of what appears to be dried seaweed. You are supposed to boil the seaweed until it is soft and releases it’s natural oils and then pour into your bath water. I’ll have to update you when I try this out!


The last thing in the box was a natural loofah, which I love…because I don’t have one!

Overall this box was great, especially if you love to treat yourself to a luxurious bath every once in a while. You can subscribe to With Love from Angela right here.


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