November 19, 2014

My Very First StitchFix Box – Unboxing, Review & Pics!


Have you ever been super excited to get something in the mail….open it up and immediately want to cry? That’s what happened when I opened my first StitchFix box. I could not believe my eyes each time I pulled out one of the articles of clothing. It’s like they progressively got worse and weirder. I checked the label to see if they had confused me with my 65 year old school teacher neighbor. NOPE. It was addressed to me with a super cheery note from the stylist. Horrible. Like worse than my baby threw up on this and I still went out with it on anyway….horrible.


Anywho, here’s a breakdown of the items I got inside my Stitch Fix Box:

  • Trisha cut-out Back Knit Shirt by Pixley ($54.00)
  • Alexandriea Quilted Mini Skirt by Mystree ($58.00)
  • Paul Colorblock Mixed Material Top by Market & Spruce ($64.00)
  • Joann Textured Knit Blazer by 41Hawthorn ($74.00)
  • Aiden Ankle Length Skinny Jean by Mavi Gold ($138)


The first piece I pulled out was this Joann Textured Knit Blazer by 41Hawthorn. ABSOLUTELY FREAKING ATROCIOUS! I could not even think of an occasion that I would EVER wear this kind of jacket/blazer thing. NEVER. It is a VERY bulky quilted zippered blazer. The cut is very boxy and the sleeves were long on my petite frame. Verdict: Sending Back


Next up was the Paul Colorblock Mixed Material Top by Market & Spruce. While I liked the idea of this shirt the cut and color were not my style. This top literally drapes off my boobs and makes it look like I have absolutely no shape at all. In fact, it makes me look at lot bigger than I am. Gross. Color was also not a color that I wear. Just say no to earth tones! Verdict: Sending Back

mavi-jeans-reviewThis next outfit made of Trisha cut-out Back Knit Shirt by Pixley  & Aiden Ankle Length Skinny Jean by Mavi Gold was the least offensive out of the lot. Phew!  You can’t really go wrong with jeans and a tee shirt, right? But at a total cost of $192 for this ‘jeans & tee-shirt’ outfit, it makes it a little out of my price range for this kind of outfit. Verdict: Sending Back


The last piece was this Alexandriea Quilted Mini Skirt by Mystree. I’m sorry but 2 quilted articles of clothing in one 2 too many! If I had a boring job and liked looking boring, I might wear that..but luckily that isn’t the case! Verdict: Sending Back

Lessons learned. I’m out $20 and very disappointed! I’ve even gone back in and looked over my style profile to see if there was anything in there that screamed dowdy, old, or matronly. But there wasn’t! I’m going to give Stitch Fix one more month before I discontinue the service!

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  1. Ariana Rodriguez Levin

    Send them an email. They are very understanding. I for one hate the service. I am a curvy girl who wear a 2-6 and its like they are afraid I’m too fat to show my body (even though I selected prefer fitted and prefer showing my body) so while they enjoy solving problems they don’t know how to dress people who like edge. That being said I have tried 3 boxes, I only paid for 2. The first box had a shirt I needed but didn’t love so kept the shirt. The second box had a bracelet cuff I adored but accidentally sent it back to them so they refunded me the styling fee because they don’t have a system to send items back unless its an exchange. This third box had the wrong tracking on it so it was marked as being delivered last Saturday when in actuality it came today. It has a super cute faux leather jacket and I had a credit from someone using my link so I am going to keep it but will not be getting another box.

    • Chrystie

      Ariana! Ooh..I would’ve been down with a cute faux leather jacket! Maybe you should give me your stylist’s name :) LOL!

  2. Martha

    Chrystie, I love how you still model the clothes like you are doing your best to show them off! Smile :D I agree, totally not you…. and as a matronly type… even I wouldn’t wear quilt. Did someone say this was “in”?

    • Chrystie

      Martha..I was putting on a brave face for the camera ;) I really want to be crying! Haha.

  3. Sherri

    Chrystie….Just curious…did you ever get another StitchFix box? I just got my 2nd box, and I have to say, they did much better this time! I provided a lot of feedback on the items from my 1st box, and it seems they really listened to the feedback. I also used the Pinterest option to let them know my likes, and maybe that helped too. :)

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