January 2, 2015

NatureBox December 2014 Review & Unboxing Pics


As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m a bit behind on my box’s January..and I’ve still got a few December boxes hanging around! HELP :)
I was happy to get a new NatureBox because as usual, my mailman comes just around 2:30, which is exactly the time that I start to get snacky ;) This month’s box actually had a repeat of last month which was fine..because they were awesome! I also got a new snack that I loved…but you’ll have to read the full review to see which one it was :)


Nature Box it is a monthly snack subscription that delivers healthy snacks your door each month. It costs $19.95 per month or as low as $15.95 per month if you purchase a 12 month subscription. Or, you can save $5.00 off your first order by signing up through this link.

December 2014 NatureBox included:

  • Carrot Strawberry Fruit Chews
  • French Vanilla Almond Granola
  • Masa Chips with Flax Seed
  • Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars
  • Dark Cocoa Dusted Almonds


If you read last month’s review you might remember that I got these Strawberry Fruit Chews last month too…which was fine, because they were soo good and my kids loved them and they are healthier than the fruit snacks I would buy at the grocery store, so these were a win!


Next up was French Vanilla almond granola. By now I’m sure you know how obsessed I am with Mason Jar Breakfast recipes, so I was happy to see a bag of granola in there. Yogurt just happens to be on sale at my grocery store this week, which means I’m about to have some delicious breakfasts this week!


These Masa Chips with flax seed were my absolute new favorite! They are corn chips with flax seed…how can you go wrong! I shared these with my husband..and after he tasted these..he was like…”You must love these” and I was like….”uhhhh…yeah I do”. Apparently my affinity for all things ‘corn’ preceds me :) I did love these cinnamon corn nuts too!


I was stoked to see these dark cocoa almonds because dark chocolate and almonds are BOTH good for you..and they make a great snack!


These Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars were also a repeat, which again was fine..because my kids eat these! I got them in last month’s box!

Overall I was happy with this months box and am happy to let you know that I’ve already eaten all the masa chips and my kids ate the fruit chews in like 2.2 seconds…here’s hoping next week’s box comes sooner :)

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