December 1, 2014

NatureBox November 2014 Box Review = Best Box Ever!


Wow! This month’s NatureBox blew me away! Maybe it’s because I decided to do the review at 10:30am without having breakfast and I was a little hungry starving, but honestly everything in this box tasted soo delicious to me. So good in fact I jumped on gchat to tell my husband about one of the snacks while he was at work! LOL.


For those of you not familiar with Nature Box it is a monthly snack subscription that delivers healthy treats your door each month. It costs $19.95 per month or as low as $15.95 per month if you purchase a 12 month subscription. Or, you can save $5.00 off your first order by signing up through this link.

In this month’s Nature Box I received:

  • Pistachio Power Clusters
  • Whole Wheat Blueberry Fig Bars
  • Carrot & Strawberry Fruit Chews
  • Sticks n’ Stones
  • Guacamole Bites


I always like to start my reviews with my favorite item in the box, the Nature Box Sticks & Stones roasted nuts with sesame sticks was DA BOMB! :) It’s the perfect combination of sweet (nuts) and salty (sesame sticks). I could literally eat this entire bag in one setting..but because I already told my husband about this snack over gchat, I’m going to have to save him some to try! :)


Next up, were the Carrot & Strawberry Fruit Chews. I am a huge gummy bear lover and secret hoarder of kids fruit snacks, so I was very excited to try these out. They come in individually wrapped packages and once again..these were delicious too!


Not gonna lie, when I saw this bag of “Guacamole Bites” I was NOT excited to try them and then when I opened the bag they looked even worse..but OMG, I was wrong and they are freaking delicious too! They are corn chips with a guacamole coating..and the guacamole flavor is so convincing that it almost tastes like I’m dipping a chip in guac!


I also received the Pistachio Power Clusters, which are nut squares with almonds, cashews & pistachios. These taste good but are pretty crumbly when eating them… wear a bib or eat over the sink!


Lastly, I opened up the Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars. Like the Carrot & Strawberry Fruit Chews these were also individually wrapped. They reminded me of a Nutri-Grain bar, however were far denser tasty. I’m guessing these are going to be a hit with my 18 month old son, who loves these kinds of bars.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this box and glad I decided to upgrade from my first trial box to the full size deluxe box!

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