November 13, 2014

Neiman Marcus Pop Sugar Must Have Box 2014 Review


I.just.about.died when I opened up what was seemingly another brown box package on my doorstep and realized that the PopSugar Neiman Marcus MustHave box was inside! SQUEAL! :)

The PopSugar Neiman Marcus box was a collaboration between PopSugar & Neiman Marcus that promised to deliver $650 worth of high quality goodies. The price tag on this baby was $250..which in my opinion, is very expensive for a mystery box. But because I’m a sucker for a good mystery box, I bought one!


Here’s what I got inside Neiman Marcus PopSugar MustHave the box:

  • Clare V. Foldover Clutch (Retail Value $210)
  • Missoni Home by Apothia Candle (Retail Value $88)
  • Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box (Retail Value $40)
  • Monica Rich Kosann Cream Enamel Frame (Retail Value $100)
  • Mariebelle Aztec Hot Chocolate Tin (Retail Value $26)
  • Lancer, The Method: Nourish (Retail Value $125)
  • Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss & Supreme Clis Mascara (Retail Value $85)

Total Retail Value: $674 ($24 more than they promised!)


This is HANDS DOWN my favorite item in the box! I am totally a ‘clutch girl’ and this one is GORGE! The Clare V. Clutch retails for $210 and based on my initial impression of it, is worth every penny! The leather is super soft and the color is vibrant and fun! I’m having a girls weekend with some high school friends this weekend and this clutch is coming with me!


Missoni Jar Candle in the scent of Mediterrano (Retail $88). Smells awesome….like a tanning salon…a high end tanning salon! But would you ever in your life pay $88 for a candle? Hell to the NO! :)


Mariebelle Hot Chocolate (Retail $26) I can’t wait to taste what a $26 box of Hot Chocolate tastes like! I’m hoping it for something really decadent here folks! ;) I should mention, my tin was somewhat dented in when I pulled it out of the box.


Chantecaille Mascara & Lip Gloss (Combined Retail value of $88) Full disclosure, my favorite mascara on the planet is the cheapest version of Rimmel Mascara. I’m not sure why..but this is the BEST mascara ever and I’ve used it for years. Chantecaille is really going to have to WOW me to get me to stop using Rimmel! :)

Monica Rich Kosann Cream Enamel Frame retails for $100. But there is no way in a million years that I would pay that for a frame. Have you not heard of Home Goods before? This IS a nice frame, but in terms of it’s retail value to’s just not there.


Lance The Method: Nourish cream retails for $125 and is touted as the moisturizer to the stars. A quick Google search taught me that um…Dr. Lancer IS a celebrity dermatologist *cough* Beyonce *cough*! Now I can’t to get this cream on my face and channel my inner “Bey”!

P.S. If you look really closely, you can see me in the reflection of the jar. LOL!


I also received this Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box in the medium size and gotta say…I like it! I think it will be great for holding jewelry, earrings, loose change, my know…good stuff, good stuff! :) Retail value on this is $40.




Overall Satisfaction: While many of these items were SUPER over priced I am happy with the box. I paid $250 for it..which is like buying the clutch (which I love!) at full price and getting the rest of the stuff for $40 bucks. I can live with that! :)

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