September 28, 2015

September 2015 Birchbox Reveal – See What’s Inside!

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My Birchbox arrived super late month, because I forgot to update my mailing address, so it went to Maine…and then finally to Texas. I even had to pay a COD of $3.94…cash on delivery? I didn’t even realize that was still a thing!


I was happy to see this cute little box though…and even more thrilled with one of the items in the box!

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Here’s what was inside:

  • 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
  • Rene Furterer ABSOLUE KERATINE Sublime Renewal Leave -In Cream
  • Helmet Lang Cuiron
  • ModelCo Ultra Long Lasting Lip Stick
  • Dr. Brandt Pores no more cleanser

I always like to start with my favorite thing…and drumroll please…it’s the ModelCo Ultra Long Lasting Lip Stick. I am in love! DESPITE the fact that when I opened up the lipstick the lipstick itself actually fell out of the container and onto my desk :( BUT like any obsessed girl would do..I just popped it back into the container and tried it on. It is the most gorgeous, long lasting (but not sticky or tacky) matte red color. LOVE!

My next favorite was the Rene Furterer Keratine cream. First of all…I have the driest hair ever, so I’m always stoked to get Keratine cream..but this one smells sooo good that it’s a big time winner in my book!

I wasn’t super pleased with the Helmet Lang Cuiron perfume sample, so this will go right into my drawer of “just in case I ever actually run out of perfume I like…I will wear these!” perfume samples :)

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