October 30, 2014

Target College Care Package Box – Find Out What’s Inside!

Target recently had a Back to College Care Package Essentials box available for purchase! It seems like they’ve sold out, but I still wanted to share with you what was inside the box, in case these boxes come back around!


Target had this care package on sale for $5.00 and after going through it’s contents, I’d say it was probably worth it. My most prized possession in the box was this Venus Snap Razor. It has a retail value of $9.49 which is almost double what I paid for the box. So yippie!



The box also came with a bunch of coupons…and y’all know that I love coupons! The best one was this FREE Up & Up Gummy multivitamin coupon worth $6.29! I don’t know about you..but I wish I could take all of my vitamins in gummy form! :)


The rest of the box contained samples of the following products:

  • Downy Unstoppables
  • Neutrogena Makeup remover wipes
  • Tide Pods
  • Nivea Bodywash
  • Purell Sanitizer
  • U by Kotex Sample Pack

As I mentioned before, I bought the box for $5.00 and got my value in just the gummy vitamins coupon and razor….the rest of the items were just a bonus! :)

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