November 7, 2014

What’s Inside the Graze NibbleBox?


I’ve been wanting to try Graze for a while now. I am a HUGE snacker and at times think I could live off things like almonds, chips, dips, breads and cheeses for the rest of my life! I decided to try out Graze by ordering the Graze NibbleBox .

For those of you not familiar with Graze, it is a weekly subscription box of snack foods which can be delivered to your office or home and is priced at $6.49 per month.


Inside the box, I found 4 snack sized selections:

  • Dark Rocky Road ( pecan nuts, dark chocolate buttons and cranberries)
  • Tomato & Basil Pizza (mini tomato breadstick, basil crunchini and cheese flavored cashews)
  • Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack (rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamonĀ  )
  • Garden of England (mini strawberries, blackcurrants and soft apple piecesĀ  )


By far my favorite snack was the Tomato & Basil Pizza! It was freaking delicious and I wanted more of it right away! The Garden of England dried fruit was interesting. Very Tasty…It reminded me of natural fruit snacks or fruit rollups! Next I tried the Apple Cinnamon flapjack..surprisingly this was VERY good too. It was VERY moist..I was expecting it to be more like a crunchy granola bar, but it was soft and flavorful. The Dark Rocky Road was good except I’m not a HUGE chocolate fan and the pecans were a bit bland..I think candied pecans would’ve been better!

graze | your snacks

But the nice thing about Graze is that now that I’ve tried out those 4 selections, I can go into my Graze account and give them a rating: Like, Love, Try or Trash. This lets Graze know my flavor profile and how often to send me those snacks. For example, I rated the Tomato & Basil Pizza snack as a LOVE, which tells Graze to send me that one often. I rated the Dark Rocky Road as a Try, which means “happy to try it”

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